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Cessna 162 Skycatcher – No Future

For all of you who follow light sport aircraft…Skycatcher

At the recent National Business Aviation Association 2013 in Las Vegas, media has reported that Cessna Aircraft CEO Scott Ernest says “No Future” for the Skycatcher. Another Cessna executive reported that about 20 of the 162 Skycatchers had been sold (I assume in 2013) and had several in stock and available. Looking of the FAA Aircraft Registry database, it appears that several available is in the neighborhood of 80 plus. In Aug 2007, Cessna Aircraft announced that they had orders for 720 Skycatchers. Again, according to the FAA database, there are only a total of 276 Skycatchers registered to date and that includes the unsold inventory. Wow, I remember when the aircraft was announced in 2006, that there seemed to be a huge interest, and many FBO’s and individuals plunking down cash to reserve an airplane for the special introductory price of $109,500.00. So, I am really very surprised to see the numbers that I found in the FAA database! Now the Skycatcher is selling at almost $150,000.00 with several previous optional features as standard. That certainly put the aircraft on the higher end of light sport. Ernest’s later commented¬† “That program didn’t have a business model that worked”. I certainly hope that this sad news, is a function of the economy regarding light sport aviation, and not of light sport in general….



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