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Flying Apps Pilots Are Talking About:
 (If you have a favorite App not listed, please put it in a comment…)
CheckList Apps
   ForeFlight Checklist – (Hi-quality checklists from POH’s, customizable – iOS)
E6B Apps
   AviationPocketKnife – (Electronic E6b, Airport info, Notams- Android)
   Sporty’s E6B (Flight Calculator – iOS, Android)
Flight Planning & Navigation Apps
   AVARE – (pronounced “Av Air” is a FREE moving-map aviation GPS & EFB app – Android)
   Bearing & Distance USA – (Airports, Navaids, Waypoints, VFR charts/Routing – Android)
   FlashPass (Easy eAPIS filing with Customs and Border Protection – iOS)
   FltPlan – (Flt Planning, Weather, Charts, Flight Tracking – iOS, Android, Win Mobile, Blackberry)
   ForeFlight – (Aviation Apps for Pilots – iOS)
   Garmin Pilot – (Full featured Navigation, wx intelligence / flight planning – iOS, Android)
   Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR – (Charts, Route-Planning, Notams & Wx – iOS)
   PocketFMS – (Flight Planner & GPS Moving Map software – iOS, Android)
   WingX – (Aviation Weather, Charts, Planning – iOS, Android, Win Mobile, Blackberry)
   My Flight Book – (Pilot’s Logbook – iOS, Android, WinPhone)
   MyFlightBook (Exellent Logbook App – free iOS, Android)
   Zulu Log Pilot Logbook – (Standalone or sync with Desktop Logbook – Android)
Misc Avation Apps
   Airport Courtesy Cars (Search for Airports with Courtesy Cars
   SwitchBox (Allows users to turn on engine pre-heater -separate SwitchBox control – iOS)
   SocialFlight (Tool for finding local fly-ins – iOS, Android)
   Aircraft Horizon ( Combines GPS data with the internal gyros – iOS)
   Xavion (AI Copilot & Glass Cockpit – iOS)
Reference Apps
   FlightIntel – (AFD, Wx, TFR’s, Sunrise/set – Android)
   Approach Charts – (FAA’s Instrument Approach Charts – Android)
   Gyronimo (Series of apps comprise a “POH” – iOS)
Training Apps
   CloudAhoy (Automatically collect/visualize your flight data – iOS)
   LiveATC (Hone your radio technique – iOS, Android)
   Instrument Trainer – (Simulates the of navaids,VOR, RMI, HSI, ADF, ILS and DME – iOS, Android)
   Sportys Flight Review – (Be thoroughly prepared for your next Flight Review – iOS, Android)
   Sporty’s Study Buddy (Course Test Prep – iOS, Android)
   Radio Navigation Simulator Pro (Training & Self-Test – $8.99 iOS)
Weather Apps
   MyRadar (Weather Radar App – iOS, Android)
   Flight Weather (Map Based METAR and TAF reports – iOS)
   CloudTopper (Augmented reality to judge the height of clouds ahead – iOS, Android)
Weight & Balance Apps
   Appventive Wt & Bal – (Weight & Balance Calculator –iOS, Android)
   Avilution Software for Pilots – (AvMaps, Quick Weather, W&B, E6B, Checklists – Android)
   Aviation Weight & Balance Calculator – ( W & B Calculator – iOS)
   iFly Weight & Balance – (iPad Weight & Balance Calculator – iPad)
   WnB Pro – (Weight & Balance Calculator – iOS)