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A bit about MyFlyingStuff and Craig…

I have been flying for 40+ years with  instrument, multi-engine ratings, and instructor certificate.  My flying has been for pleasure as well as business and in many different aircraft types. Most of the Piper, Cessna & Beech singles, a few twins, couple tail draggers and some of the new light sport types. I thoroughly enjoy trying out a new airplane type and can’t imagine not always having some sort of plane around to fly. I have also been in flying clubs, aircraft partnerships and owned a few too. What has inspired me to do MyFlyingStuff is a combination of the love of flying and the need for pilots & students alike to have aviation information available. My first goal for this website is to be a pilot resource aggregating all the many websites and resources I have found over the years. The second goal is to provide a place where like minded pilots can share ideas and adventures in the website forums.

I welcome your opinions, recommendations, favorite links, fly-in information or anything else that you would like to share.

Please feel free to contact me at:

Oh yeah, besides flying, I also like computers too much… (just ask my wife)

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