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BasicMed Renewal Process

BasicMed has allowed thousands of pilots to skip seeing an aviation medical ­examiner (AME) and instead visit their personal physician for a checkup ­every four years. Plus take a free online aeromedical factors course every two years. If you’re over 40, this doubles the time interval between seeing an AME physician every two years. It should be less costly because personal medical insurance generally covers physicals but not necessarily third-class FAA exams.

BasicMed Renewal Requirements

Every 24 calendar months;
– You need to take a free online course on aeromedical factors plus pass the quiz. (Course on AOPA and can
keep taking until you Pass)
– Agree to an authorization for the National Driver Register to provide your driving record to
the FAA to check for DUI and other motor vehicle offenses.
– Provide a statement that you understand that you cannot act as a pilot in command, or any other capacity
as a required flight crew member, if you know or have reason to know of any medical condition that would
make you unable to operate the aircraft in a safe manner.

Every 48 calendar months;
– You must hold a valid U.S. driver’s license.
– Visit a state-licensed physician for a comprehensive checkup and provide your physician with an
FAA-generated checklist. Your physician needs to affirm that he or she has performed an examination
and discussed all the items on the checklist, including medications, with you. Your physician will
also have to affirm that he or she is unaware of any medical conditions that, as presently treated,
could interfere with your ability to safely operate an aircraft.

Aircraft specifications: Up to six seats, up to 6,000 pounds (no limitations on horsepower, number of engines, or gear type)
Flight rules: Day or night, VFR or IFR
Passengers: Up to five passengers
Aeromedical factors: Pilots must take a free online course every two years and visit their personal physician every four years
Altitude restriction: Up to 18,000 feet msl
Airspeed limitation: 250 knots indicated airspeed
Pilot limitation: Cannot operate for compensation or hire

Link to BasicMed status report 2018 – IFR-Magazine

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