The General Aviation Pilots Flying Resource

Metar-Taf Codes

METAR & TAF Weather Identifiers

B=Began BC=Patches BL=Blowing BR=Mist
DP=Dew Point °C DR=Low Drifting DS=Dust storm DU=Dust
DZ=Drizzle E=Ended FC=Funnel Cloud FG=Fog
FU=Smoke FZ=Freezing GR=Hail GS=Small Hail
HZ=Haze IC=Ice Crystals MI=Shallow PL=Ice Pellets
PO=Dust Devils PR=Partial Fog PY=Spray RA=Rain
SA=Sand SG=Snow Grains SH=Showers SN=Snow
SQ=Squalls SS=Sandstorm TS=Thunderstorm VA=Volcanic Ash
(-)=Light (+)=Heavy P=More than M=Less than

Sky Conditions

BKN=Broken cloud layer 5/8ths to 7/8ths CB=Cumulonimbus
CLR=Sky clear at or below 12,000AGL FEW=Few cloud layer 0/8ths to 2/8ths
OVC=Overcast cloud layer 8/8ths coverage SCT=Scattered cloud layer 3/8ths to 4/8ths
SKC=Sky Clear TCU=Towering Cumulus


A01=Automated Observation w/o precip info A02=Automated Observation with precip info
A2992=Altimeter setting 29.92 AMD=Amended forecast
APCLM=Airport Closed due to meteo conditions APRSM=Airport Restricted due to meteo conditions
AUTO=without human editing BECMG=Becoming
CAVU=Ceiling & vsby unlimited COR=Correction
DSNT=Distant weather FM=From
FROPA=Frontal Passage LDG=Landing
M=Minus, below zero NO=Not available
NSW=No significant weather P6SM=Plus 6 Statute Miles
PK WND=Peak Wind PRESFR/PRESRR=Pressure Falling/Rising Rapidly
PROB=Probability % R09=Runway 9
RMK=Remarks RWY=Runway
RVRNO=Runway Visual Range n/a SFC VIS=Surface Visibility
SLP=Sea Level Pressure SLPNO=Sea Level Pressure n/a
SM=Statute miles SPECI=Special Report
TEMPO=Temporarily T=Temperature °C
V=Varying VRB=Variable
VRB VIS=Variable Visibility VV=Vertical Visibility, indefinite ceiling
WS=Wind shear WSHFT=Wind shift

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